I'm Josh, founder of TravelClown!

And secretly also a huge travel-nerd!

I’ve spent a lot of time finding extremely cheap travel deals since I started studying in 2009. It will be no surprise that I was abroad almost every month during my studies. Last year I started sharing these deals with friends & family and now I’ve gone public. Now everyone can travel cheaper!

In this article, I explain how my website works and how you can also travel to New York for £129, spend 15 days in Dubai including flights & 4* hotel for £200 or visit Barcelona for £1. While it sounds simple only the real experts can find these deals! 

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About me & this website

Discover the beauty of the world for less!

Since 2017, I have been sharing a lot of travel bargains with friends & family: Error fares, not so public price decreases, promotions from various airlines & touroperators and more of this. One of my friends advised me to start a website and share these deals with the rest of the country because surely, everyone wants to travel for less right?

I use my knowledge of the travel & aviation industry and a bit of software to find the most amazing bargain deals that can save you 100’s of £’s! The best of all: its 100% free and all deals are available to be booked through ATOL protected companies!

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About Josh - Founder of TravelClown

Josh has been a travel lover since he was able to afford buying train tickets. Later he developed a sincere interest in finding very cheap flights and holiday bargains. It was in 2012 that he sat together with a friend when they found a £149 return flight to Bali. 

From this moment onwards, Josh shared many of these finds with friends & family. In 2017 a friend advised him to start his own website to share these deals with more people. He loves clowns and sees them as symbol of happiness (not like the movie IT). Traveling is 100% happiness and thus the name TravelClown was picked! 

Today, TravelClown has more than 10.000 fans that receive the e-mail newsletter everyday. I hope that you will become part of the amazing success of this story!

About TravelClown

I founded TravelClown to write blogs about travelling and to share tips & tricks on how to make the most out of every trip because I wanted to share these with friends, colleagues and family. In a short time others found my website so I started a Facebook page. 

I have now chosen to share more of the deals that I come across of every day so people can take benefit of them. Why not take advantage of amazing prices, promotions and deals that can bring you around the world for sometimes more than half the regular prices!