How to get the most out of your hotel booking

Hotels; I love them, sometimes hate them but I need them! Sleeping is important and although I rather spend as little as possible on and during my trips, I am also spoiled and love a good, luxurious hotel! Here are some tips to get the most out of your hotel booking!

1. Go after lastminutes

In my experience (and that of others), you can often get extra discounts when you go after a last minute hotel booking. Often; the best rooms aren’t sold and prices are dumped; the moment where you should hit the “book” button! It requires a bit of flexibility from your side though as your preferred hotel might not be available anymore.

2. Book directly with the hotel

Hotels love it when you skip agents such as Booking, Agoda & and book through their own website instead. This saves them a big chunk of commissions and they are ready to reward you for this. If there is any chance of upgrades and extra’s, guests that have booked directly will definitely get the benefit before guests that came in through agents.

3. Be nice to the staff!

Hotel employees don’t mind giving favours to guests that are nice so put up your best smile, be genuinely nice and try and ask what the possibilities are for upgrades, freebies and other extra’s. The more the employee enjoys your interaction, the bigger the chance is they have something nice for you!

4. Join their loyalty program

Almost every hotel thats part of a chain has a loyalty program and often the lowest tier membership already gets you some good benefits. Complimentary room upgrades, free breakfast, late check-out, spa treatments or free welcome drinks are just some of the examples. Joining is usually free and apart from the monthly email it won’t harm you!


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