Getting started with

Q. How does TravelClown work?
A. Simple! I browse the internet, looking for amazing travel bargains and share them on my website, every day. I share all the important details and how long I think the deal is going to be available to book.
Q. What makes TravelClown better than the other travel deal websites around?
A. Other websites often use a lot of software. I use my gut-feeling & experience to decide whether something is a good deal or not. The personal touch will never miss on TravelClown and of course; I’m available 24/7 to answer any of your questions if you might have any!
Q. How do I sign up for you email newsletter?
A. Almost every page on my website has a sidebar on the right; make sure to leave all your data behind to sign up for the daily “deal email”!
Q. Are you going to spam me with lame deals?
A. I love spamming people on my list. No kidding; I will send you a daily update on what I have found. I cannot guarantee the deals are still available but fast deciders definitely have an advantage!
Q. Can I search for specific travel dates?
A. No, we don’t offer any search functions as of yet. We share 6 daily deals and clearly show from which airport the departure is. Its up to you to pick your favourite deal!
Q. Can you help me find cheap flights to a specific destination?
A. No, I’m not a personal travel agent and cannot offer such a service. Sorry!
Q. Do you only send out last minute deals?
A. No, the deals that I find are a mix of last minute, regular departure and early minutes!
Q. I cannot find the price that you’re sharing with me, whats going on?
A. All the deals I find can be booked through external parties. Sometimes only 2 or 4 seats/rooms are available for that price and if someone books it prices may increase. This is out of my control scope and I hate when this happens. Make sure to hit the “email me” button to notify me about such issues!