How it works

Airlines, Hotels, Touroperators and other travel companies always have to deal with excess capacity, strong competition and other things that have an impact on the price levels. Often, prices are dropped secretly to fill the seats. 

The general public is usually not informed about these flash-deals and that is where I come in. I keep track of the prices for many routes, destinations and holidays and when such a price drop occurs, I find it, write about it on my website and share it with you though e-mail and social media.

I have saved thousands of pounds on my travels in the past years by finding extreme deals. A few of my favourites:

  • Return flights to Los Angeles for £129
  • Bangkok return for £160
  • 50% off on many Holiday Inn hotels worldwide in a crazy sale
  • A 14 day All Inclusive holiday in 5* resort on Majorca for £190
  • Business Class on 5* Qatar Airways for £999 (yes a lot of money but a great deal)

The website explained in 3 steps

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Don’t worry about the rest. We will make sure all the amazing deals that I find will end up in your inbox or wall to ensure you don’t miss out!

Check the deal details

I clearly share all info you need to book the deals that I share. You never book with me but make it yourself; through your preferred company!

Save money on flights & holidays

After booking that amazing deal you’re part of our success story! Welcome to the team! Make sure to let us know what deal you took advantage of!

If you have further questions

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